"The Lion and The Fish" a stylish and comfortable wardrobe brand for kids crafted from high-quality / ultra-soft fabrics. Our product portfolio seamlessly blends fashion-forward designs with the softness and breathability of quality fabrics, ensuring your young ones stay both stylish and comfortable throughout the day.

Our brand stands for deep intrinsic values, with a positive contribution to family, society, and the environment. We have a distinct range of outfits suitable for twinning - father and son to begin with, and soon we will be extrapolating this trend to mother-daughter and also father-mother-daughter-son, to demonstrate the importance of close-knit family

We work with our suppliers, workers, unions and international organizations to develop a supply chain in which human rights are respected and promoted. Thanks to the collaboration with our suppliers, we work to know the facilities and processes used to manufacture our products in order to understand their traceability.

We take pride in our commitment to social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and the safety of our products. To uphold these standards, we diligently collaborate with monitoring programs. These programs serve as essential checkpoints to ensure that every aspect of our operations aligns with our core values.

By purchasing our products, you can trust that the clothes your child wears not only embodies quality and style, but also upholds the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Our dedication to transparency and accountability drives us to continuously strive for excellence. By adhering to stringent social, environmental, and health and safety standards, we aim to not only meet regulatory requirements but also exceed expectations, ensuring the well-being of our planet and the people who inhabit it.

Our audits and continuous improvement are integral to our ethos. Rigorous evaluations ensure adherence to social, environmental, and safety standards. Through innovation and optimization, we exceed regulatory requirements, striving for excellence in sustainability across our operations.


Our fiber is cultivated without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides, and we exclusively utilize non-genetically modified seeds in our production process.

To further reinforce our dedication to organic practices, we're actively engaged with the Organic Content Standard (OCS). This standard meticulously oversees the entire journey of our fiber, ensuring that it maintains its organic integrity from its source to the final product.


At The Lion & The Fish, we're dedicated to sustainability, and one way we fulfil this commitment is through our use of recycled polyester. Today, recycled polyester primarily originates from PET plastic waste, commonly found in items like plastic bottles. By repurposing this waste into high-quality fabric, we significantly reduce the need for virgin polyester production.

Our recycled polyester fabric is certified to the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), ensuring the integrity of our materials. This certification verifies the recycled content and traces it from its source to the final product, providing transparency and accountability in our supply chain. By choosing products made with recycled polyester, you not only contribute to waste reduction but also support a more sustainable future.

Non Toxic Dyes:

Our commitment to children's well-being extends to every aspect of our products, including the dyes we use. At The Lion & The Fish, we exclusively employ non-toxic dyes in our kid's clothing line. These dyes are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that your child's garments are safe, gentle, and eco-friendly.

Proudly Made In India.