How did we start?

" Did you see Macaws in the Amazon jungle ? " asked my 6 year old nephew to me after my recent holiday to South America. This was followed by an in-depth discussion on all the different animals i saw and learnt about!

Ask-Me tees does just this. It inspires curiosity, instills confidence and is a great conversation starter!

Who are we?

Aakriti has taught underprivileged children for 2 years with Teach For India, and is the driving force behind this idea.  She believe that kids deserve to wear something other than your regular t-shirt--- a tee that can show-off how smart they really are! This thought led to the inception of Ask-me Tees where the graphic on the tee shows a learning concept. 

 Our team aims to create something unique for your child. Starting out with ASK ME Tees - we promise to become your child's favorite tee.